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Some warm foot pjs

Have 2 boys and 2 girls.
I have:
**stripped (dark & light pink), with a small flower patch on the chest, size 12 months.Great condition, only normal wear.

**light pink with darker pink trim (about a shade darker), has a cat on the chest, size 18 months.Normal wear tho it is missing the button that usually goes over the top so it has a tiny hole in it that could use a couple stitches.

**2 shades blue w/ a puppy on the chest.size 18 months.Great condition also, only worn 3 times I believe.

** Blue, has puppy dogs, bones and toys on it.18 months.Great condition also, only worn a couple times.

I'm asking $5 each, and that includes shipping.Thank u.

Carseat for sale


*Similar to the picture, it's just navy blue instead.
*Never in an accident.
*Great condition, only used about a 1 yr total
*Am willing to consider any offer, specially if I have to ship it to u.I'd be more then willing to box it up and take it down to have it wieghed for quote.
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last week I helped alaskan_cutie across the street (6 points). In November I punched kittycatqueen in the arm (-10 points). In August _iheartyoux3_ and I robbed a bank (-50 points). In April I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). Last Monday I gave legendofthehawk a Dutch Oven (-10 points).

Overall, I've been nice (262 points). For Christmas I deserve an XBox 360!


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Important info woman NEED to have....

"The next time you buy sanitary pads or tampons, check the labels and see whether you spot any of the familiar signs stated in this email.

No wonder so many women in the world suffer from cervical cancer and womb tumors. Have you heard that tampon makers include asbestos in tampons? Why would they do this?

Because asbestos makes you bleed more, if you bleed more, you're going to need to use more.

Why this isn’t against the law since asbestos is so dangerous?
Because the powers that be, in all their wisdom (not), did not consider tampons as being ingested, and therefore, didn't consider them illegal or dangerous.

This month's Essence magazine has a small article about this and they mention two manufacturers of a cotton tampon alternative. The companies are:

Organic Essentials @ 1-800-765-6491 and Terra Femme

A woman getting her Ph. D at the University of Colorado at Boulder sent the following:

"I am writing this because women are not being
informed about the dangers of something most of us use: tampons.
I am taking a class this month and I have been learning a lot about biology and women, including feminine hygiene.
Recently we have learned that tampons are actually dangerous (for other reasons than TSS). After learning about this in our class, most of
the females wound up feeling angry and upset with the tampon industry, and
I for one, am going to do something about it.


I want to inform everyone I can, and email is the fastest way that I know how." HERE IS THE SCOOP:

Tampons contain two things that are potentially harmful: Rayon (for absorbency), and dioxin (a chemical used in bleaching the products).

The tampon industry is convinced that we, as women, need bleached white products in order to view the product as pure and clean.

(Side note from Alexys: In Sweden, all BLEACHED HYGEINE PRODUCTS have been outlawed because of this danger. Toilet paper and Tampons are included in this. The law has been in action for quite a while now. Wonder why the U.S. is lagging?)

The problem here is that the dioxin, which is produced in this bleaching process, can lead to very harmful problems
for a woman.

Dioxin is potentially carcinogenic (cancer associated) and is toxic to the immune and reproductive systems.

It has also been linked to endometriosis and lower sperm counts for men.

For both sexes, it breaks down the immune system.

Last September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that there really is no "acceptable" level of exposure to dioxin given that it is cumulative and slow to disintegrate. The real danger comes from repeated contact (Karen Couppert "Pulling the Plug on the Tampon Industry").

I'd say using about 4-5 tampons a day, five days a
month, for 38 years is "repeated contact", wouldn't
Rayon contributes to the danger of tampons and dioxin because it is a highly absorbent substance.
Therefore, when fibers from the tampons are left behind in the v... (as usually occurs), it creates a
breeding ground for the dioxin. It also stays in a lot longer than it would with just cotton tampons.

This is also the reason why TSS (toxic shock syndrome) occurs.


Using feminine hygiene products that aren't bleached and that are all cotton.
Other feminine hygiene products: pads/napkins) contain dioxin as well, but they are not nearly as dangerous.
So, what can you do if you can't give up using tampons? Use tampons that are made from 100% UNBLEACHED.

Unfortunately, there are very few companies that make these safe tampons. They are usually only found in health food stores. Countries all over the world ( Sweden , Germany , British Columbia ,etc.) have demanded a switch to this safer tampon, while the U.S. has decided to keep us in the dark about it. In 1989, activists in England mounted a campaign against chlorine bleaching. 50,000 letters later, the makers of sanitary products switched to oxygen bleaching, one of the green methods available MS magazine, May/June 1995).


Tell people.


Inform them.

We are being manipulated by this industry and the
government, let's
do something about it!

Please write to the companies:

Tampax (Tambrands); Playtex; O.B.; Kotex.
All the 800 numbers are listed on the boxes.
Let them know that we demand a safe product!


In order not to lose the impact of this email, I
suggest that anyone
who wants to forward it to your friends, PLEASE copy
this mail and
paste it to a NEW message. That way it will not
distort the whole
with all the forward arrows. Please do this with
consideration and

Thank you,
Hollie Walker
Admissions Coordinator
Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida
866-585-9677 (Toll Free)
386-763-2620 (Fax)
Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Current mood: blah

As I've said before...Jim hasn't seen Lyric since Feb 7th.

Last Friday I went over to get a few of my things and he started in on my about how it was MY fault that he hasn't seen Lyric in a month (tomarrow)...AS IF!!

I told him that he knew where we lived and what my phone numbers are. He came back with the excuses that he didn't have a phone (sure he doesn't, even if he didn't he can use one at work..I know he can), and that it's my fault because I don't bring Lyric over to his house. Haha...funny shit bastard...u smoke in the house and know damn well she isn't allowed and u knew this rule before she was even born! I don't take her to anyone elses house whom smokes inside..not even to her adopted Grandma Mionne/Grandpa Mike's. It's not that I don't want them or her father to see her...it's just that I don't want her to have to deal with asthma or any other illness that may develop from being around it. Jim's house smells like an ash tray..he made his choice. Not to mention I don't want to be around him alone w/ her because of the way he acts now..if he was to do something and I couldn't defend myself, much less Lyric I wouldn't be able to live with myself is she was to get hurt.

Anywho, while I put a few things in the car he went out to smoke..or was...instead he went over and stood at the drivers side back window making faces at her as she looked on with a confused look on her face. It took her a few minutes and then he just walked away...didn't walk around to say hi to her or anything. I had to soothe my child and listen to her cry for at least 20 minutes!!!

Later after I picked up Mark we went back by. He sat in the car with Lyric while I grabbed enough stuff to fill it. I have a few more boxes and then my dishes and Lyric's bottles etc in the kitchen and we're done....oh yeah, and the stuff in the shed but I can get to that at anytime. Jim again verbally attacked me on the issues of it being my fault that he hasn't called or come by to see Lyric. I told him that I was done with fighing him about seeing her. He wanted to be a father, to have children with me and now that we have Lyric he walks away without looking back. I told him that I wasn't going to fight about it anymore and that we'd deal with it in court....if he wanted to step up, be a man that he knew my phone numbers and where to find me to make the arrangments to come see Lyric.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday night @ Al's
Current mood: blah

Men are just funny.

Jim eventually was there...duh, he's an alcohic so of course he was at the bar! He kept sending Mark and I the dirtiest looks which I get a kick outta because he's the one who threw our family away and then to be acting the way he was because I'm there with another guy....not knowing the situation or anything is just funny as hell to me. Mark of course really wanted to go smack him just for walkng away from Lyric but I just told him to let it be...Jim wasn't going to start anything because he doesn't have the balls to. That IF he was to do/say anything he would wait till I went to the bathroom or something and was off by myself and if he did I could take care of myself.

Like I said...men!

I don't wanna go to work today.It's already noon and I have to be there from 2-10.Also gotta go to Fred Meyer, although it can wait....maybe I will. It will give me something else to do on Wednesday.lol

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Category: Life

Moved pretty much everything I could of ours from Jim's. Either in the van to go to storage or in the shed so that I can at least get to it without him being home. He was being a real dick yesterday acting like it's all MY fault that he doesn't call to see how Lyric is or come to see her. Claims he doesn't have my phone numbers....as if!! He used to live here and the number hasn't changed. Fuck every once in awhile we still get people that will call for him so somewhere along the lines he's given it out again cuz before after he moved out we told everyone he was no longer living here. Not to mention my numbers where on the fridge on an emergency phone numbers list for Lyric, but he took it down.Blames it on Cameron (Lyric's cat) even though it was still up when I took the cats about a month ago.

So he went on his bouts about how he's going to take me to court etc. LMFAO!! I already filed, the one to in fact therefor I kinda have the upper hand from the start...then I also will have an attorney...witnesses up the ying yang of inncidents of Lyric being hurt in some way or the other ONLY when Jim is around her and the domestic violence towards me before I was pregnant and up to his point... (not to mention him putting his hands on me yesterday trying to kick me out of the house because he's pissed about me taking MY curtons-too bad, they're mine and he wants my stuff out and I'll need them for my new place!!) ...even WHILE pregnant. He's trying to say he's going to get shared custody one way or the other...I told him good luck cuz it won't happen. Once a judge rules thats that...he can try and go to court again but considering he's taken no steps to even be in her life he'll just get laughed at...also...how does he plan to pay for it when he can't even budget his money to get the things he needs in everyday life like a washer/dryer (he's back to buying new clothes as needed because they're all dirty) or hmmm...insurance on his car!

I could go on about this all day long but I've gotta get outta this house for a bit. Need to go over there and get my rocking chair and Lyric's changing table...hmmm...maybe I'll do it tomarrow really. I should probably just go to storage while Lyric is sleeping and put things in order so that the furniture can fit.

Alrighty I'm off...maybe I'll update some pics. The man is sleeping and I almost feel like taking a nap myself if we don't go do something.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Court papers

Custody papers are filed and FINAL.

A judge was assigned and I recieved the last few papers that where needed. Already knew I couldn't leave state once it was all filed...not a problem, but NOTHING saying that I can't move to the valley....which I WILL do if we find a place that we can afford and have stores to transfer out to.

I mailed Jim's papers to him Cert. today so I'd say by Tues/Wed IF he goes and actually picks them up from the post office that shit will hit the fan no doubt. Man I've gotta get over there tomarrow and get Lyric's furniture out, my fish tank and what dishes I can. Better find some boxes after work...I'll have to bring the man home with me instead of taking him home.

Well best get going...I've gotta work at 6am


Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

We took tons more pictures (my mom said I'm a picture freak like she was with me.lol) and I'm trying to get my computer to work (I wish throwing it up against the wall would fix it) so I can load them onto it and then go from there.

I'm going to see about mom letting me get internet at her house so I can do that a couple hours a night after everything settles down.I'm sure she won't have a problem with it since it will mean she doesn't have to listen to the phone ring for my damn brother all night long or his gf for that matter.

I haven't gotten a picture of Lyric with ALL her new toys etc yet but I will as soon as I can get her to sit still among them all.lol
She's REALLY trying to crawl but doesn't get that she needs to push her chest up off the floor.She stood all by herself for about 60 seconds a few days ago but then sadly did a hard face plant/slide across the carpet (we don't have soft stuff either, we have that crap they put in schools).I have a pic on the digi of the floor as I threw my camera trying to catch her and was nearly a second too late...my poor baby...luckily though she was ok and only had a couple tiny spots of rug burn.

Anywho, nothing to really update on so I'll be around.

You're a LiveJournal Fiend!

You're into LiveJournal, big time... just not as much as your friends.

Still, you've LJ'ed from work - and made posts about what you had for dinner. Sicko!

You may be safe from the clutches of LJ - or maybe you're just are an adept liar!

Jan. 1st, 2006

Some items I crocheted and would like to sell.
If your interested just comment and I'll get back to u asap w/ any info u need.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Crocheted Baby Clothes for sale

This is my first post to start selling my crocheted baby clothes/items I make along with anything else I may have.I do have some other items that I still need to get from storage and take pictures of.
I crochet in my spare time for something to do.It's also a wonderful project to do while your sitting in front of the tv and still feel like your getting something done.

If u see something u like but would like it in a different color/size then just leave a comment and I will get back to u asap if I have that color.If it's just something like a hat or booties and I don't have the color I will see if I can find a store that has it and will make it for u no extra cost because I know I will do something w/ the extra :).However if u would like booties added to a hat being sold alone there will be a small fee because depending on the set those are usually sold for more.
I will be making more so check back occasionally.I will soon be testing a new pattern and making onsies.

Prices do include shipping :)

Sorry if the pictures are a bit dark and grainy.Still learning how to use my camera I got for Christmas.

Baby Hats:All are $5 ea unless otherwise marked.

Thick hat because 2 yarns are crocheted in together.Baby blue/navy.Infant
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Green/infant.Couldn't get a better pic but this hat is baby mint green
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Beautiful varigated pastel yarn w/ yellow trim.infant
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yellow/premie hat.$3 Hat doesn't have funny ridge,straight just the way it folded itself from being stored for so long.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Varigated blue/infant-newborn
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yellow w/varigated pastel threaded into some rows/infant-newborn
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hat/bootie sets: $12

Baby blue hat/booties set/premie
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Varigated Rainbow set-premie/newborn.Hat has little ear flaps.I was very happy with the way this one turned out because it was just winged, no pattern and I look forward to making more because they're just so cute.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Baby Girl Sweater-Haven't priced this as I'm having a hard time deciding considering the time it took.
It's pale pink w/ rose for the trim on the sleeves and bottom.Also ties in the front.Sorry for the bad pic.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ribbons: $2.All I have at the moment is Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons but am willing to make others.Ex:Cancer Survivors is purple,navy blue is for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (at least here in Alaska it is.I have yet to find one to see if it is the same everywhere).$1 of each ribbon sale will be donated to whatever organization the ribbon was made for also.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

These items do come from a smoke free home though there are cats.They are however put into ziploc bags and stored in rubber maid tubs so that the cats can not get to them.
All righty, thats all for now.I do however have other items as I said that I just need to get pictures of and will load them asap.

Will combine shipping and give discount for orders of 2 or more items.
I think this thing is nuts!
I can honestly say being w/ Jim kept me outta trouble I might of normally gotten into w/ the girls but damn, I know darn well I was still naughty! lol

You Were An Angel This Year

You Were 20% Naughty, 80% Nice

You know you've been a super good girl this year
So good, that you may have missed out a little...
Don't worry, Santa will make it up to you!